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Migdal Ohr (Tower Of Light)
Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman founded Migdal Ohr in 1972 for the express purpose of providing education and social guidance for poor, disadvantaged children from underprivileged and problem homes in Migdal Ha'Emek.
Today Migdal Ohr's mission is to help poor and disadvantaged children from all over Israel and seeks to fully develop their educational, social, and emotional potential and provide them with all they need to become responsible, and happy and productive citizens.

Migdal Ohr's model has proven successful at repairing the damaged lives of children and giving them the love, self-esteem and education they need to flourish. Today Migdal Ohr is a "tower of light" not only for Migdal HaEmek and the Galilee, but for all the children of Israel under the inspirational leadership of its founder and leader, Rabbi Grossman.

Migdal Ohr is the largest orphanage in the world with over 7000 kids.


Last updated: October 2012

Location: Migdal Ohr (Tower Of Light)
Toronto, Ontario
Tel/FaxTel. (416) 802-2254,
ContactsRenee Rosenzweig (Committee Co-Chair)
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