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Computer / Internet Classes for 55+
A Seniors-Teaching-Seniors Program
2007-09-06 15:15:00

Room 216 of the Bathurst Jewish Community Centre is filled with computers, chairs and tables, but what you see isn’t as important as what you feel.  This dedicated computer lab is the home of the BJCC’s volunteer-based Computer/Internet Classes for 55+, and the room exudes an atmosphere of enthusiasm and satisfaction.  The students, teachers and volunteers are all happy to be involved with this seniors-teaching-seniors program, and their eagerness makes each class a rewarding experience.

Classes are taught by experienced volunteer instructors and volunteer assistants - all of them seniors - but Brian Prosserman, the Lead Instructor of the program, is always looking for more help. "We’ve got a magnificent learning environment here in the BJCC, with a great program that gives personalized service,” said Prosserman.  “We're building a pool of instructors and assistants, and when we get them, we'll be able to expand the program further."

Gloria Manso volunteers as a program assistant.  “I was looking for a good way to donate my time,” said Manso.  “I met Brian and learned a little about the classes.  I liked the fact that seniors were enrolling because they really wanted to learn. They wanted to be there.  Since I had some knowledge of computers, I decided to join up.” 

Manso volunteers twice weekly - Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 to 3:30 – as one of two volunteers who work alongside an experienced volunteer instructor.  “Brian has developed a format of 6 students per class, and it works really well for us,” said Manso.  “The classes teach quite basic material, delivered in a way that the seniors understand.  They have time for instruction, practice and questions, and we get a lot of pleasure when the students ‘get it.’”

“What I love about the classes is that the people are so enthusiastic,” said Manso.  “Over 750 people have taken the course so far.  And even though they take home an instruction booklet when they finish a course, some people come back and take it again because they like it so much!”

Click here for dates and times of classes and course descriptions.
For information about the program or to find out more about becoming a volunteer instructor or assistant, please leave a message on the BJCC's 55+ Computer Hotline at (416) 636-1880 ext 456  or e-mail at

Kol Hakavod to Gloria Manso who also volunteers every Friday at Jewish Information Service of Greater Toronto (JIST).

The Bathurst Jewish Community Centre receives financial support from UJA Federation.

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