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Why I Volunteer: Sara Rachlin
Emunah Women of Toronto
2006-01-05 11:19:43

Emunah Women of Toronto, the largest religious Zionist women’s organization in the world, honoured Sara Rachlin through UJA Federation of Greater Toronto's 2005 Volunteer Recognition Project.

Sara recognizes the benefits of Emunah's efforts and she is always eager to help out with Emunah programming.  “Emunah’s projects provide a loving, nurturing home to many neglected children who grow to become productive Israelis," said Sara.  "I am gratified to be a participant in this vital work."

Emunah Women of Toronto aims to strengthen religious consciousness and provide social care, religious education and secular education for children and youth, with selective vocational and academic training.  Emunah provides care for approximately 8,000 children in over 127 day care centres and nurseries across Israel. Emunah educates more than 2,000 girls in 6 high schools and supports 5 children’s homes and youth villages for more than 600 children. For information, contact (416) 636-0036 or email

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